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Whispers Of War & Echo's of the RuinEdit

Downtimes within the Cataclysm system are divided between those that are personal to the players, those of the players own downtime actions and occurences, and the wider factions during the intervening period of time between
Curiosity can kill
the events. Within this armies may clash, territory be lost or taken, alongside a meriad of other actions, incidents and encounters that may present options for the players to consider or conteract during their time at the events. Each faction has their own path to follow as it were and as such each faction has their own unique faction based downtime with has been linked below as to the corresponding faction.

The Ruins: Whispers in the Dark

Unseen Eyes & Unknown Secrets

Hive-Sec: Dark Blades Unto Dominance

The Lost: Red Steps on a Broken Road

CellBorn: A Vulture and a Hawk

The Company: Common Interests & Uncommon Cost

Raven Privateers: Eyes in the Deep

The Peoples: A Path Seldom Trod

Mech-Corp: Ancients & Echoes

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