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With the recent developments in Ceta Dome, the Board of Directors has decided a change in policy must be made in order to maintain any hopes of a successful reclamation protocol within the dome from the rogue CDF, civilian and other elements active within the agri-dome. A series of reviews and oversites have been made in order to carry out these new policies and change the direction of the company view in order to combat the other rogue elements across the ruins of the hive. Within this two departments have stepped forward as leading small fractious alliances of several small departments with the aim of utilising the change in directives to further their goals, one is the experimental department who are looking into so called Lazarus projects in order to further company ambitions via utilising abandoned projects. The other is the Union Department, a collection of populace support personnel who are looking at further integration efforts within pre-existing company endeavours  as a way of support for other departments that overall can improve department operations. As such the Union department has taken an interest in the Ceta Dome reclamation efforts and are keen to send a departmental representative to seen if those departments present in the dome camp will actively support their push towards gaining enough political clout. On the otherwise of this the experimental department is interested in field testing its projects in the agri-dome and as such will be sending a legal surveyor to work out the details with the dome independants. If these field tests work correctly they will more than likely look into making a political push themselves for advancement, who the Ceta-Dome reclamation departments decide to support is solely upto them.

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