The ReclamatorsEdit

Attribute: Well-Supplied

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Two Scouts from the reclamators

Effect: A well supplied army has expert logistical support. It can quickly distribute resources and supplies to its troops and assign new soldiers where needed, even while under attack in extreme cases. It may also represent an army whose soldiers are doggedly committed to their cause or to their general, so that soldiers who are so badly hurt they would normally be decommissioned fight to be allowed to rejoin their units or find a way to return to their unit to carry out despite the odds.

Accordingly this army can emergency reequip and supply regardless of what territory they are in, or even if they are engaged with an enemy force due to their logistical capabilities, alongside being able to resupply at the normal rate even if they are not in their home territory when not engaged with enemy forces.

The Army as a wholeEdit

Formed by policy set out by the board, the reclamators serve as the main armed force by which the company responds to incursions on a large scale. Founded upon large elements of security department personnel, supported by medical and biological experts as well as the reclamations department, this large body of company men and women functions as one large entity, with each department committing resources to the force as the armed embodiment of their purpose. This large flow of recruits and supplies has given the reclamators are large stockpile of supplies to draw upon even when outside of home territory and as such they have become famous amongst the company for their quick ability to reequip and head back out when they have faced hard combat with little time to properly recoup. 

Size: 3000 at maximum strength