Descended from engineers and their surviving families, alongside a few security personal, the Mech-Corp of today are a heavily industrialised people, driven by the political machinations of the specialist families and the Parliament. As such they are more than capable of producing mass simplified equipment of any kind, and accordingly they are more than capable of arming their militia in order to protect their territory and lands, as well as fight the wars that their drive and the parliaments orders and decrees often cause with other factions. The consequences of these in terms of relations has been listed below.

A quick overviewEdit

Hive-Sec - Generally viewed as the decaying remanents of ancient order soon to be forgotten by the specialists, and as a group to be avoided by technicians in order to not have to pay for the specialist's past screw ups 

Raven Privateers - Backwards Mercenaries more concerned with Personal profit than anything

The Peoples - Superstitous savages that require re-elevating to a civilised nature, though useful at times

Details RelationsEdit


Militarised order dedicated to an ancient and outdated cause, Highly arrogant and self centred warrior hood. All previous interactions between Hive-Sec forces and Mech-Corp populace has been between highly strained to out right war in several cases, Loss of the Rust colonials army laid at their feet. All Hive-Sec individuals have proven to be self-inflating ignorant warrior types with little understanding of how civilised cultures function.

Summary: Self-Enflated, arrogant warrior types, not to be trusted and advice to be ignored 

Raven Privateers

Eccentric Mercenaries motivated by the promise of money, Highly status orientated and driven by the promise of advancing their own status amongst their betters. Previous interactions have been varied, though a state of war has exsited between us before due to Privateer snooping in our territory. Seem to be reliable on business deals when Money is presented up front, though unreliable equally on matters if they don't see the point in up holding their agreements

Summary: Profit driven mercenaries, eccentric nature, Not to be trusted but can be employed

The Peoples

A superstitous culture founded upon their religious ethics and worship of their ancestors in tradtions and rituals. A people driven by their silly beliefs, that have encountered Mech-Corp members on a number of occassions that have led to a proxy war in one case, though no major fights have ever occurred between us. Reliable when agreements are reached, but easily offended and dismissive of agreements that do not favour them in some sort of fashion.

Summary: Superstitous tribals ruled by ancestral worship, reliable at up holding agreements, but need to be watched to make sure the agreement doesn't get twisted in their favour.

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