The "Old Guard"Edit

Attribute: Stubborn

Steampunk soldiers

Soldier Imagery drawn from technician Militia Drill books

Effect: A Stubborn army refuses to give ground to invaders. When fighting from defensive positions they can inflict massive casualties on enemy forces that dare to approach them. An army who uses every advantage to make their enemies pay for every inch of territory their enemy try’s to take can cause wide spread casualties amongst the enemy as they attempt to advance whilst receiving proportionally higher in return, whilst some simply possess a dogged refusal to back down before their foes and so grind them enemy down for every step forward they take into the defenders lands.

Accordingly this army can make use of the “Not one step back” order when on the defensive, as the army attempts to bleed the enemy, making them pay for every inch of ground surrendered or taken from them. The army takes any chance to butcher their attackers; catching them in crossfires and ambushes, with counter attacks striking into the enemies’ flanks and metaphysical face, causing them to suffer greatly increased casualties if they push forward, though at the price of increased losses for the defenders. In terms of casualties the attackers suffer 40% higher casualties from this order being in effect whilst the defenders suffer 20% higher casualties as they fight tooth and nail from their defenses.

(All rights to the photo Belong to Kevlar & Clank Cosplay by Mathieu Hedley-Kaye)

The Army as a wholeEdit

Formed from several regiments of technician militia augmented by specialist advisors and household troops, the old guard serves as the main division of the Mech-Corp military arm, its troops outfitted by the armament workshops and barns of the home territories, whilst its men are trained and schooled by the parliament in the Mech-Corp style of warfare. Steeped in the regimented style of specialist dominated officer class driven by political and social advance through exploits, the old guard marches forth in times of war as a great host of great coat swathed technician soldiers and NCO’s, led by brilliantly uniformed specialist senior officers astride mechanical mounts. This disciplined orchestrated focus lends the division its reputation for stubbornness in the face of their enemy, fighting on despite great loss to hold back the tide of attacks whether on the perimeter or from ambushes when on external patrols.     

Size: 3000 at maximum strength