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Healing within Hive:Cataclysm is roughly broken down into four areas of use within the wider system. The first of these areas is general healing, this is most applicable in general situations such as normal combat or other scenarios and is accessible within the medic skill very early on. The second is curing injuries, during some combat situations players may recieve certain wounds that require special treatment in order to correct, as such part of medics role is fixing these injuries. These special wounds vary in their severity and what is required in order to fix them through specific treatments that require collaberation between certain skills and the medics. The third area is that of surgeries, for use when applying bio-augmentation; which have certain effects and bonuses upon the players, or for providing solutions to more severe injuries incurred within the system events that require more extensive attention in order to solve. The Fourth area is that of handling special calls that have negative effects on player stats; such as ravage, and curing these to ensure player survival in more hardened combat conditions. 

Skill Progression Trees

Healing CallsEdit

Below are a list of the healing calls within Cataclysm, they cover each skill available to those that may utilise the medic skill within the system. Each skill is accessible at a different stage of development within the skill tree for medics, alongside other skills related to the medic skill.



In game Effect


Even a simple bandage may save a person's life if applied in the right way and for the right amount of time...

Allows a player to stop a players bleed count from progressing as long as they maintain contact with them


The art of the healer is one of never ending progression in small steps...

Allows a player to restore a hit to a player at the rate of one hit every 20 seconds.


A skilled hand has saved many a life at the right time, and many a life has been thankful for that of the skilled hand...

Restore a players bleed count to full if they have suffered a ravage call after 20 seconds of role play


Below are a list of the types of injuries they may be handed out to players by by refs under certain circumstances should they be dropped in a particular fashion or interact with a certain peice of equipment whilst in a special environment. Some of these may be caused by combat with particular types of enemies or in particular situations.

Injury Classification

Available type of Injury

Treatment Required

Normal Injuries


Lacerations, Broken Limbs, Dislocations, Concussion

Dis-infectant and 2 Minutes of Appropriate Role play


Energy Burns, Puncture Wounds, Blunt force trauma, Electrocution

Dis-infectant, Bio-Stitches, Dermal Patch and 3 minutes of appropriate roleplay


Internal Bleeding, Severed Limbs, Fragmentation wounds


Special Injuries


Radiation Poisoning, Tetra-infections, Gangrene, Biological Pathogen

Sanitizer, Isotope 9,


Brain Jack Parasite

Surgery & Neural Net connection during to Secure location

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