The Factions of Cataclysm

Each faction has their own style and culture to their name, along with specific cultural details, advantages, disadvantages, and famous groups within the faction that players may choose to be from if they so wish. These should help players in constructing their own groups or units within the faction brief, that hopefully will also help you in building your character, as well as sitting comfortably within your chosen faction and the system as a whole. Each faction is different in their appearance, styles, motivations and beliefs, but each has their own points of interest that will hopefully provide intrigue and interest for those that chose to portray them within the Cataclysm system

To Faction Relations

The Factions At a Glance

Hive-Sec: The Futuristic Knightly Order

CellBorn: A "Might makes Right" society

Raven Privateers: Mercenaries with a Code

The Company: Mafia styled Business

Mech-Corp: Steam Punk Victoriana

The Lost: The Nomads of a ruined world

The Peoples: The tribesmen of the future