Dominus Elevated Edit

With the recent deployment of the 1st Chapter, alongside the success by Task Force Dominus in the agri-dome, the circle has launched a review of current operations under action. Both the Hunts master and the Apothecary have put forward to command operations they wish to see carried out in order to further support the army and task force, alongside conducting sweeps against the elusive Black market. In regards to this the Circle has dispatched a

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lieutenant from under the Shadow captain to the Task force in order to fully brief them on their current operations in the dome, as well as bring a brief to the chapter master on the Black market sweeps to be carried out once a plan has been settled upon. Within all this circle command has also taken note of the two instances of contact with unknown human tribes within the dome, one hostile after the actions of the civilian forces, the other peacefully after the conclusion of the sweep ordered. As such command is ordering a contact mission with the so called ‘Silent’ in order to further contact and potentially establish local observation of the dome in order to support the task force in the future. Contact is to be made with a local leader in whatever form this takes with this tribal grouping, and communication is to be established with them. Reports from both field captains and the CSM have noted a respect from the tribals for those with manufacturing expertise as such command is issuing a standing order that in case of further contact those with any major manufacturing expertise are to be given lead over standing personnel in order to facilitate communications. As to the Hostile group, command is interested in locating their nearest outpost to the Dome field base and establishing a secure observation point to make sure that in the case of attack Hive-Sec personnel can launch an effective counter strike in retaliation. Both of these will need to be carried out, however deployment time is limited so officers on the ground e.g. Field captains, CSM, Chapter master and other Lieutenants will be required to evaluate and decide on deployment on the ground at this time.

Aside from this the recent discovery by the 1st chapter of an complex observation hide with equipment matching our own standards is worrying to say the least, as such Command is putting together a reconnaissance force that will require a major contribution from any personnel in a sustained scouting effort. Input from the Shadow captain is estimating that limited window of one cyclical season is available for this deployment otherwise whoever is running these posts will likely have disappeared once more into the ruins.

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