The Spire
The Spire

The home to the company populace proper, the spire as the tower has become known, serves as the home territory to all the company departments and its peoples. Consisting of multiple levels of habitation, industry, recreation and Bio-Food labs the spire is a giant statue of industry and human activity as each department attempts to drive its own objectives in the core of the company in the never ending rounds of departmental politics that defines the average company member’s life. From here the departmental populace carry out the Boards policies, ever driving the company onwards in its attempts to ensure company survival as well as their attempts to secure more and more vital locations within the dead hive.


The first and so far only settlement set up by the company outside the Spire, Commercia was established inside the ruins of one of the old market districts at the base of the tower. Since then the town has become a centre for trade as well as a fortified position from which reclamation bands are sent out to retrieve particular items as well as to scout out the surrounding area for build ups of mutants. Within the town itself the company have developed several well established Weapons shops, Craft bays and research teams alongside a series of habitats for the population. As such the population has developed a culture within their department of making the most use out of what they have to hand as well as defending what they have with a vicious tenacity.  According the company members from Commercia have developed a reputation for ruthlessness when it comes to work as they cold heartedly hold onto their positions with an iron grip.

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