Character CreationEdit

After initially generating your character, you will have 2 body hits plus your relevant Rig armour hits, which ever skills you have chosen, your career and will start with Two worn level items and a Crude item in your possession. You will also have 12 credits of currency and one full magazine of ammo. Each characters Bleed count is 180 seconds, once this hits zero after a player is downed that player character will be dead. During your bleed count you may be executed which immediately drops your bleed count from your current count down to zero at which point your character is dead. Crafters start with the basic crude recipes for their relevant tech skills and have the access to begin crafting these recipes from generation.

Each character starts with 7 points with which to generate their beginning skills, players may invest up to 3 ranks in any one skill at generation, or 5 ranks if they chose to specialise when genning their character. During this time a player may select a career for their character which will have effects on their characters skills, you may only chose ONE career for your character. After each event a player will receive 2 Xp with which to invest in their skills, these do not have to be invested in the same skill and players may choose where they invest these experience points.

Skills And ProgressionEdit

Below are the skills for the system, broken down into names and relevant In game effects. Some of the skills are plain and simple to understand, others have additional effects or abilities associated with them, and these are listed as to their exact nature in the Skill progression trees.
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A Neural Net User linked in via a modified HUD Display


In game effect

One handed ranged

Allows use of one handed ranged weapons

Two handed ranged

Allows use of two handed ranged weapons

One handed Melee

Allows use of one handed melee weapons

Two handed Melee

Allows use of two handed melee weapons

Light Rigs

Allows use of Light armoured Rigs

Heavy Rigs

Allows use of Heavy armoured rigs


Allows a player to lead a war-band and use of war-leader gambits


Allows a player to medic another player


Allows the ability to craft arms tech, and the ability “Inspect” for arms tech


Allows the ability to craft bio tech, and the ability “Analyse” for bio tech


Allows the ability to craft Cyber tech and Hacking ability, and the ability “Deconstruct” for cyber tech


Allow the use of the neural Net ability and Cyberspace access

A Note on Dual Wielding

With the Hive cataclysm system, the ability to utilise ambidexterity when fighting e.g. to dual wield weapons, is considered a hard skill. If you can fight with a weapon in one hand then you are capable of fighting with two weapons in either hand, there is both an IC and OC reason behind this. IC this being that if your character can wield his/her weapon in one hand, then they have sufficient training to use the same weapon in both hands simultaneously. OC if you as the player can effectively fight utilising a dual wielding style, than we as the game staff are not going to penalise you for doing so in the IC setting by making its use IC a skill. We aim to be able to allow players to utilise their hard skills to the best of the abilities without penalising them for wanting to do so with the system. 

To Weapon Classifactions


Careers in game represent a characters chosen role within the warband and in their faction as a whole, from an OC perspective it represents the Characters training and upbringing, as well as their aptitude for a certain way of life. At Gen a player may choose ONE career for their character to have.

Career Skill


In-game effects


Ranging from battlefield surgeons to town doctors, the professional medical individual is a value part of all aspects of society, providing medical support to all those that need it

+ 2 to medic skill & + 1 Bio tech


The Warrior on the wall, the soldier stands between the darkness and their faction as a shield for their people, carrying war to their enemies and guarding their peoples lands.

+ 1 to Heavy Rigs & two handed Ranged


Gifted cyber-techs and neural network users, Hackers have a knack for breaking into what shouldn't be theirs and gaining access to old systems that might otherwise block their peoples escape or victory.

+ 2 Cyber tech & + 1 Neural net


Ranging from gun-smiths to Bio-technicians to Cyber-shifters, the crafter maintains and shapes everything their people could need, providing the equipment to survive in this desolate future.

+ 1 to all Tech skills & Gain one worn level recipe at Gen or make Rank progression cost one less Xp (Note: Ranks only costing 1 Xp to begin with are NOT affected and remain 1Xp per rank)


From simple market traders, through to big time gun runners, the Trader knows how to make cash with what he has to hand, these business savvy folk drive their factions economies ever onwards  in search of riches and rewards.

Bonus to Income from trading option in downtime


Drifters and salvagers, the humble Scavenger knows where the best bits are always hidden, and their sharp eye has come in mighty handy to many a warband out on a salvage run

Bonus to Scavenge option in downtime


Individuals Trained from birth to lead to Bombastic Individuals with the biggest stick, Officers know how to lead their troops in a fight and make the best of their training in doing so.

Bonus to Military option in down time & + 1 to war-leader skill, plus cost one less Xp to form a war-band


The eyes and ears of many factions and warbands, scouts serve as the first warning many folks get of problems heading their way from one valiant scout making it back to warn them

Bonus to Scout option in Downtime & + 1 to Light rigs and + 1 to Two handed ranged


From grizzled adventures to heartless mercenaries, Gunslingers live by their wits and die by their tools, they exist in every wake of life and their goal is the pure essence of survival

+ 1 to one handed ranged and one handed melee


Ranging from Boxers through to armour bound Heavies, Brawlers are never more at home than when in the middle of a fight, where their size gives them a distinct advantage in clobbering the enemy

+ 1 to two handed melee & + 1 to heavy rigs


More lightly armoured than their brawler brethren, Duellists flit through the battle lines, piercing weak points and challenging enemy leaders to one on one fights, their quick blades and quicker movement proving the down fall for many an opponent

+ 1 to one handed melee& + 1 to light rigs

Rigs In CataclysmEdit

In cataclysm the Rigid Integrated Grid System (Or Rigs for short) are your character's armour against the various forms of danger that may befall them e.g. weapons fire, explosions and mutant creatures. This sytem is made up of two set ups, Light Rigs and Heavy Rigs, that take up the difference between convential body armour with retrofitted Rig emitters and Specifically designed Rig armour plating that meshs together with an underlayer to provide protection against direct energy discharges. In game this difference takes the form of Light rigs requiring less coverage over the body but providing lighter protection, whilst the Heavy rig provides much heavier protection in combat but requires more significant body coverage. This has been laid out in the two tables below for your convenience.


Light Rigs

Heavy Rigs

Crude (Rank 1)

+1 Rig Hit

+2 Rig Hits

Worn (Rank 3)

+2 Rig Hits

+4 Rig hits

Standard (Rank 5)

+3 Rig Hits

+6 Rig Hits

Prototype (Rank 7)

*See Special

*See Special

Arbiter (Rank 9)

+5 Rig Hits

+8 Rig Hits


Prototype rigs need the same level of phys-repping as the Rig they were based upon e.g a worn level prototype Heavy Rig requires the same level of phys-repping as the Worn level Heavy rig.


Light Rig

Heavy Rig

Crude (Rank 1)

Vambrace arm guard/Greave on one arm/leg e.g. Thick leather, Layered leather etc

Main chest Area covered (Helmet optional) e.g. Bullet proof vest, Metal breast plate etc

Worn (Rank 3)

Light Chest covering in addition to one arm/leg covering e.g. Leather chest plates, Tac-vests, Motor-cross Jackets

Leg's Covered in addition to Main chest area e.g. Riot Leg guards, Greaves (metal or otherwise suitably looking) etc

Standard (Rank 5)

Both legs/Arms covered in addition to Light chest covering e.g. Thick leather, Layered/Splinted Greaves or vambraces, Motor-cross arm or leg guards

Arm's Covered in addition to Leg's and Chest e.g. Riot arm guards, Vambraces (Metal or otherwise suitably looking) etc

Prototype (Rank 7)

*See Special Note

*See Special Note

Arbiter (Rank 9)

Both arms & legs covered with light chest covering

Fully  body covered, with additional Full face Guard & Helmet

An Example Character GenEdit

Below is an example of an initial Generation character form with how a starting character with the system may look upon initial creation by a player. The Blocks Marked in black are the chosen starting skill points used within the available skills. The Sections marked in Red are the Bonuses from the chosen career within the system, whilst those marked in Green are any bonuses from the player characters chosen Faction Sub-Class.

In this case the character is a member of the Indentured subclass of the Cellborn faction, serving as a soldier for their career within their warband, the Oath-Rites. They have Rank 3 in two handed Ranged, with Rank 3 in one handed Melee and Rank 3 in Heavy Rigs. This means that the player would be able to utilise worn level Heavy Rig armour from the start, alongside a worn one handed melee weapon and a worn two handed ranged weapon should they be able to procure one. They also have Rank 1 in arms tech so allowing them to manufacture crude arms tech items. They would also be able to utilise grenades from the start, alongside with knowing how to handle Upgrades to their Rig armour. In terms of Hits this build type would start on 6 Hits globally.

Player Name:

Test Player



IC Name:

Theo ‘Ox’ Carlson



Group (War-Band):







Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3

Rank 4

Rank 5

Rank 6

Rank 7

Rank 8

Rank 9

Rank 10

1h Ranged

2h Ranged




1h melee




2h Melee

Light Rigs

Heavy Rigs











Background Information (IC):

A Warrior of the Oath-Rites, Theo serves the clan Grey-Blade as a soldier, putting himself on the front line in the name of honour in order to protect his clan and people from the mutations and enemies beyond the Bulwark and Prim.

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