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With the recent successful occupation of new territory by the old guard, and the recovery one of the missing artefacts of the Rust colonials the peoples of the Mech-corp are in a favourable mood that some see as an opportunity for personal elevation whilst others wish to invest in the future. Amongst this a small band of specialists has petitioned the parliament through their families to launch a committee to oversee the expedition, with the specialists themselves forming this committee as to see whether different leadership is needed in the place of the lone specialist and mass technicians currently in control of the expedition. Accordingly the parliament, its senior members required to vote on this committee being made up of the petitioners mothers and fathers approve the oversight committee and give them all due leave to head to the dome with the next expedition deployment with the aim of evaluating the expedition and looking to buy out the other joven cultures there with a potential military deployment into the dome itself, completely ignoring the message from the arbiters that any action as such would bring down the wrath of the arbiters. The Union bosses upon learning of this launch their own counter petition that whilst not successful in the main parliament due to the number of specialists that vote against it, it still passes thanks to the head of the militia and the techno-order representative backing it. This petition against parliament interference could become a serious rallying cry should the expedition vote to support it.  Such support from politically powerful figures could see the parliament withdraw the committees right to operate. This leaves the expedition with two options on what to do, will they permit the committee when they arrive and handle their activities, or will they let them go about their business and support the Union bosses to deal with them via the parliament. Face to face with the specialists, or by back room politics by the technicians Unions, the choice presents itself for the expedition to decide upon.

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